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Win with effective basketball post play as Coach Paul Mokeski breaks down how your team can use the post to your advantage

  • Post play isn’t dead. All players 1 through 5 should be able to play from this position in order to facilitate better scoring chances.
  • Coach Mokeski shows you how to use low post, mid post, and high post positions for a dynamic approach to getting great scoring looks.
  • Use the pick and roll to open up your team’s scoring with this classic (but often misunderstood) play.
  • Coach Paul Mokeski has years of pro experience, as both a player and a coach, most notably for his time playing Center for the Milwaukee Bucks.
  • Get key details to common plays that your team can use with great success, each one broken down by Coach Mokeski in detail.

Why Post Play Still Matters by Paul Mokeski

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Learn How To Use The Post As A Game Changer and Master The Pick and Roll With NBA Veteran Center, Coach Paul Mokeski

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What Will You Learn?

The post is still one of the most powerful scoring areas in all of basketball, and now with NBA veteran player and coach Paul Mokeski, you can see all the ways your team can use the post for better, more efficient scoring. Use these plays and fundamentals for better post work that will let your team start imposing their will early and often.

All the greats, even ones known for perimeter play like MJ, Kobe and Lebron, developed a killer post game.

Coach Paul Mokeski shows you how to use the low post, the mid post, and the high post, and breaks down when to use each and how to score from any situation. With this diverse and dynamic post game, you can start getting great looks more consistently.

Develop an effective pick and roll with these lessons and techniques from Coach Mokeski, so you can move the ball and create more offense than ever. Across this series, Coach Mokeski shares his valuable knowledge of the game, gained in his long professional career and coaching tenure. Take advantage of his insights, broken down on the court and in whiteboard so that you can understand how to make it all work.


What Exactly Do You Get?


  • Coaches Background

  • Describing Todays Post Play

  • Post Play Conversation

  • Positions For Pick And Rolls

  • Pick And Roll Conversation


  • Intro


  • Quick Drop Step And Spin Move

  • Hook Shot To The Middle

  • Dribble Drop

  • Base Line Jump Shot

  • Rip Through


  • Swing Through

  • Swing Through Spin Back

  • Swing Through One Dribble And No Dribble Pull Up


  • Jump Shot

  • One Dribble Ball Fake Jump Shot

  • Swing Through

  • Swing Through Spin Back


  • Slip

  • Quick Roll

  • Pick And Pop

So, What Does It All Cost?