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Brian Scalabrine, NBA champion, coach and one of the most sought after analysts today, peels back the curtain to reveal the secrets you need to teach your bigs if they want to survive and thrive in the modern era

  • Scal will show how to be an elite decision-maker as a 4 and 5. The days of 2 dribbles and wait for a guard to come save you are over.
  • This is a master-class in plays and techniques that make up a huge percentage of the modern game: all options out of the the pick and roll, the pitch and follow, the dribble handoff, and more.
  • Learn the secrets behind how to properly use your size to move, defend, and force the other team to play your game

The Big Man In The Modern Basketball Era by Brian Scalabrine

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Build A Dangerous & Effective Big Man With These Modern Basketball Hacks From Brian Scalabrine

See The Game In A Whole New Way That Opens Up Opportunities and Maximizes Your Biggest Players

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What Will You Learn?

Join Brian Scalabrine as he shows you how to build the modern skills needed for an elite big man on the court, with NBA-level drills and lessons. Brian spent 11 years in the NBA, winning an NBA championship with the Boston Celtics, and spent a year coaching the Golden St. Warriors before making the move to TV and becoming one of the most popular and knowledgeable analysts in the game today. In this video he shows you how to be an effective center and power forward (even as the game is evolving).

Learn how to become an elite decision-maker with these lessons and insights around how to manage and act on a court full of quick shooters. Brian Scalabrine explains all the reads that a player will need to make, all their options from those reads, and how to make the quick calls that will lead to success.

Build your arsenal with these drills and plays that Scal has used his entire professional career, the ones that he believes are the most valuable to winning as a power forward or center. Use the pick and roll, the pitch and follow, the dribble handoff, and more to create opportunities to create huge scoring opportunities and mismatches for your team.

Get the most out of a power forward and center with these insights from Scal on how to maximize a big man’s potential. Even as the game evolves, an effective big man on the court is still a difference maker for any team, and this series is a how-to guide that anyone can follow to reach the next level.

Pitch and Follow

So, What Do You Get?

  • Introduction 
  • DHO (Dribble Hand Off) Switching Sides Of Floor 
  • Pitch and Follow 
  • Can't DHO - Now What? 
  • Corner Back Door 
  • 4 on 4 Live with DHO 
  • 4 on 4 Live with Pitch and Follow "Make the read" 
  • Strong/Same Side 
  • Shake Action 
  • Slot Drive Take 
  • Pin Down 
  • Same Side Keep 
  • 3 on 3 Live "What are the reads?" 
  • Late Game Situations 
  • Same Side Summary 
  • High Pick'n'Roll Score 
  • High Pick'n'Roll Pass 
  • High Pick'n'Roll Dive To the Basket
  • High Pick'n'Roll Pass to Strong Side Corner 
  • DHO Options 3 on 0 
  • Ice Drill 
  • Ice Drill w/ Coach Passing 
  • Summary
  • Interview 

Slot Drive Take

So, What Does It All Cost?