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NBA All Star Point Guard Jameer Nelson shows you how to beat the pick and roll defenses you’ll play against to open up offense for your team

  • Use these elite pick and roll skills to split through defenses and teach your players to create more scoring opportunities than ever
  • See how you can get open against types of defenses like the flat zone, hedge, under, blitz, and more
  • Jameer Nelson is a 14-year NBA veteran and an All Star point guard for the Orlando Magic, known for decision-making skills in the P’n’R

Mastering Pick'N'Roll Offense by Jameer Nelson

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Create Huge Mismatches On The Court With These Pick and Roll Strategies And Create Scoring Opportunities Against Any Style of Defense

NBA All-Star and 14-Year Veteran Jameer Nelson Shows You How To Become A Dynamic Threat To Use The Pick and Roll Effectively With Technique and Strategy

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What You'll Learn

Set your players up for success in the pick and roll and learn how to win with one of the most important styles of offense, as 14-year NBA veteran and All-Star Jameer Nelson shows you how to use the pick and roll against all of the most common and troublesome defenses. On this new series, learn how anyone can use these skills to create mismatches that will lead to more scoring opportunities than ever.

Jameer Nelson is a long-time NBA veteran with a serious pedigree and point guard skills, and he has done it all as a six-foot point guard playing at the highest levels. Now is your chance to learn from him, as he shows you how he was able to achieve at the highest levels of basketball with these same gameplans that anyone can use.

With this pick and roll series, let your point guards open up defenses as they use the court, their teammates, and even the defenders to their advantage with Jameer’s tips on how to make the screen work for you. Jameer coaches you through how to respond and play against all the most common defenses you will see, including the squeeze, the switch, the blitz, and more.

Jameer will show you how to reinforce these lessons with drills for your team, including some of the same ones he used in his decade-plus career in the NBA (including ten years playing for the Orlando Magic). Use Jameer’s favorites, like the snake dribble and the show, to create next-level offensive players who are able to find those mismatches with the ball, or take the shot themselves when they are open.

Pick and Roll vs Under (Live Pace)

So, What Exactly Do You Get?

  • Beating Different Types Of Pick And Roll Defenses.
  • Pick And Roll Vs. Hedge - Refuse, Attack, Split 
  • Pick And Roll Vs. Flat Zone - Shoot, Drag, Snake Dribble
  • Pick And Roll Vs. Under 
  • Pick And Roll Vs. Blitz 
  • Pick And Roll Vs. Switch 
  • Pick And Roll Vs. Squeeze 
  • Passing Against Different Defenses. Vs. Show Or Hedge 
  • Vs. Flat Or Zone Defense 
  • Vs. Shake 
  • Pick And Roll Options Against Different Defenses (Live Pace).
  • Pick And Roll Vs. Hedge (Live Pace)
  • Pick And Roll Vs. Flat Zone (Live Pace) 
  • Pick And Roll Vs. Under (Live Pace)
  • Pick And Roll Vs. Blitz (Live Pace) 
  • Pick And Roll Vs. Switch (Live Pace) 
  • Pick And Roll Vs. Squeeze (Live Pace) 
  • Drills To Reinforce Pick And Roll Skills.
  • Pick And Roll Drill 
  • Snake Dribble Vs. Zone 
  • Getting Around The Show 
  • Splitting Vs The Show 
  • Switch
  • Interview 


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