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German ProB and former JBA star Curtis Hollis walks you through his elite scoring and offense techniques

  • From the corner to the wing and the post, score from anywhere on the court with these savvy moves
  • Learn how to create separation and pull up or blow by your defender
  • Clean up your footwork and learn how to move without the ball to become an all-around offensive threat

Instant Offense by Curtis Hollis

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Instant Offense With Curtis Hollis

Learn Essential Moves That Can Transform Your Scoring Ability From All Over The Court

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What You'll Learn

As an elite scorer in the JBA and in Germany, Curtis Hollis has an arsenal full of scoring techniques that make him a cut above the rest. Now, you can learn from him as he shows you moves like the corner slide jab that you can use to score with more accuracy and efficiency.

Elite scorers can score at any time whether it’s in a half-court setting or on the fastbreak, using these same concepts and fundamentals. Gauge your defender and know when to use different downhill dribble moves like crossovers and in and out dribbles in order to break them down.

Hand-eye coordination and footwork is vital when executing a perfect pickup that’ll put you in the best possible position to score. Whether it’s the right side or the left side, you control where and how you’ll score with these tips from Curtis Holland.

Get into a good rhythm and become a capable scorer at all three levels and from anywhere on the court. Own the baseline, the corner and the wing with Curtis’s scoring techniques.

So, What Exactly Do You Get?

  • Introduction 
  • Downhill Scoring 
  • Foot Activation / Curl Series 
  • Downhill Scoring From Wing 
  • Downhill Scoring From Wing Pullup 
  • Corner Slide Baseline Jab 
  • Corner Slide Baseline Jumper 
  • Downhill Scoring Mid Range Jumper 
  • Drive and Kick / Moving Without the Ball 
  • Post Moves 
  • L Cut Scoring 
  • Pickups
  • Change of Speed Finishes 

So, What Does It All Cost?