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Hack The Vertical Leap Using The Secrets of NBA High Flyer and Slam Dunk Participant Pat Connaughton – the surprise crowd favorite of the 2020 All Star Weekend

  • Reach heights you never thought possible
  • Get Pat’s exact tips and training regimen
  • You’ll see results almost immediately – and in less than 8 weeks reach heights you never thought possible

Hacking The Vertical Leap by Pat Connaughton

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Are you ready to smash through the height of your previous highest jump?

Hack The Vertical Leap with the secrets of NBA High-Flyer Pat Connaughton

Pat leaped an amazing 44” at the NBA Combine and was the recent crowd favorite at the Slam Dunk competition – but that wasn’t due to his natural born ability.  It was the product of effort and determination. Now you can follow the precise methods and training system that Pat has followed to reach those lofty heights.

At every step in his basketball journey Pat has been told to try something else…

In high school – they said to focus on baseball (Pat was also drafted as a pitcher by the Baltimore Orioles)

When it was time for a college decision – he was advised to go to a small D2 or D3 school (Instead Pat enrolled at Notre Dame, where he helped lead them to an ACC Championship and an appearance in the Elite Eight)

After graduation – he was told you’ll never make it in the NBA, go play overseas (Pat is now currently in his 5th year in the league

NBA – they thought he would never be anything but an end of the bench 15th man (Now he plays close to 20 mins a game for the best team in the league)

And this applies to his vertical leap also – no one expected Pat to be the one to have alley-oops drawn up for him, or be yamming it on some of the league’s top big men.  And yet, here he is – one of the best dunkers in the entire league, and one of the select few to ever have been chosen to participate in the Dunk contest.

What Will You Learn?

Pat takes you through his entire workout, directed by his long-time personal trainer Erik Kaloyanides of Athletic Evolution - one of the premier athlete training facilities in the country.  Erik has successfully prepared a number of athletes for the NFL and NBA combines, and Pat continues to train with him to this day.

Do you want to be able to just barely throw it down? Or do you want to consistently throw it down over taller opponents - in traffic, not just on breakaways?

This is the EXACT workout Pat has used since high school to take him all the way to a 44” vertical leap.  You’ll learn the proper way to start off, you’ll be taught the exercises that will have the most impact on improving your jumping ability, and you’ll get the best advice for cooling down/muscle recovery.

Get tremendous, almost immediate, gains to your vertical and Achieve YOUR maximum.

What’s Included:

  • Complete video workout with Pat Connaughton and his long-time trainer Erik Kaloyanides
  • Full workout program in e-book form – in addition to the video you’ll get an accompanying 30 page training manual.  That means there is no guesswork
  • A start-to-finish program: everything from proper warm-upse through cool down and everything in between

So What Exactly Do You Get?

Vol 1:

Dynamic Warm Up 

Plyometrics - Boxjumps 

Warm Up and Plyometrics Recap

Vol 2:

Explosive Workout - Kettlebell 

2 Leg to Single leg exercises 

The Landing 

Trap Bar Deadlifts

Single Leg Strength 

Single Leg Squat 

Partner GHR (Glute Ham Raise) 

Nervous System

Vol 3:

Foam rolling and Stretching

Why work on Verticle Jump?

Difference between 2 leg and 1 leg jump

Vol 4:

Pat connaughton interview

So What Does It All Cost?