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Score at will after learning the same drills that elite shooters and scorers around the world use.

  • G-League standout Terry Harris walks you through both basic and expert footwork drills that when done properly will make your jump shot even more effective.
  • Become the ultimate volume shooter as the drills you practice will help make your perimeter shot deadly from any spot.
  • Shooters rely on screens to get them open and whether it’s from the baseline, the wing, or the top of the key, you can run off of them too.

Fundamental Foot Work And Shooting Drills by Terry Harris

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Sweet Feet: Fundamental Footwork And Shooting Drills With Terry Harris

Become A Sharpshooter With The Right Drills and Proper Technique

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What You'll Learn

With the proper footwork, your game will take off in every facet. Practice how to properly plant and move your feet with both simple and effective drills like the 3 Cone Footwork Drill, Footwork Activation Drill and the infamous Ray Allen Drill.

Even if you’re by yourself in the gym, you can work on your game and turn yourself into a better team player. Two separate versions of the 10 In-A-Minute Drill will focus yourself on becoming a much better volume shooter and the repetition will lead to improved muscle memory.

Improve your cardio while getting into a shooting flow by using a Competition Shooting Drill against yourself. Roll around the key and shoot off the elbows to develop your mid range game and challenge yourself in the gym.

Not every shot in a competitive game will come easy and that’s why you need to train for the difficult baskets too. Shooting Off The Screen and using Baseline Flares anticipate stingy defenders and shows you how you can utilize your teammates into getting yourself an open shot!

What Exactly Do You Get?

  • Introduction 
  • Form Work Shot Basics 
  • Intro To Footwork 
  • Step Into The Shot Drill
  • Ray Allen Drill 
  • Transition Footwork Shooting Drill 
  • Competition Shooting Drill 
  • Perimeter Shooting Drill 
  • Shooting Off The Screen 
  • Cheat Step Drill
  • Transition Corner Shot Drill
  • Footwork Activation Shooting Drill 
  • Baseline Flares 
  • Star Drill 
  • 3 Cone Footwork Drill
  • 3 Cone Pullup Shot Drill 
  • Perimeter Movement Off The Dribble 
  • 10 In-A-Minute Drill #1 
  • 10 In-A-Minute Drill #2 
  • Reaction Shooting Drills 
  • X-Drill 
  • Outro 

So, What Does It All Cost?