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Kelly Oubre shows the drills and workouts you can use to build great ball-handling and finishing at the rim skills that any player can learn

  • Help your entire team learn some of the best ways to trip up defenders and finish at the basket
  • Kelly Oubre is an NBA standout, and a first-round draft pick and you’ll get the exact workout he uses to expand his diverse and technical game
  • Finally improve your handle and learn how to finish around or through contact at the basket with these fundamental mechanics that Kelly teaches

Fundamental Finishing and Ball Handling Workout by Kelly Oubre

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Instantly Improve Your Ball Handling And Finishing Skills In This “Private” Workout With Current NBA Star Kelly Oubre

Kelly Oubre Shows You The Workouts And Techniques You Can Use For Next Level Ball Handling and Finishing

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What Will You Learn?

Learn all the inside secrets to NBA-level ball control and finishing at the basket, as the Phoenix Suns’ Kelly Oubre takes you through one of his dynamic workouts. Get the technique behind his smooth style, with tips, drills, and strategies that anyone can use for more success (no matter your height or size).

Being able to move the ball up and down the court and finish at the rim are two of the most important skills in basketball, and Kelly Oubre shows you how to get a masterful touch on the ball with these specific workouts and techniques. Use these fundamentals to help create teams that can confidently crossover and trip up defenders with skill and balance.

Take better shots as a team with more accuracy and form, as Kelly shows you the exercises he used to become a first-round draft pick coming out of college and a prolific scorer in the NBA. Attack from all levels as Kelly leads you through the fundamentals around jump shots, pullups, fade aways, floaters, and more.

This dynamic workout from Kelly Oubre can be done by any team or individual, to help bring their skills to the next level. With clear and careful instruction, players and coaches of any experience level can see huge leaps in their game with these lessons from someone playing at the highest level in the sport.

Single Leg Jumps

So, What Exactly Do You Get?

  • Introduction 
  • Knee Hugs
  • Quad Pull with a Reach
  • World's greatest 
  • March and skips 
  • Single leg jumps 
  • Single leg jumps
  • Land on two 
  • Single leg jumps
  • Land on one 
  • Touch shots, floater, runners 
  • Finishers 
  • One dribble pullups 
  • Fade aways 
  • 2 free throws 
  • Dribble pullups & spot shots 
  • Ball handling
  • Float series 
  • Spaz drill 
  • Core and strength 
  • Handles 
  • Stationary crossovers
  • Behind the back dribble 
  • Wrap behind the back 
  • Between the legs 
  • In and out 
  • Double crossovers 
  • Progressive crossovers 
  • Fingertip pounds 
  • Wall crossovers 
  • Between the legs behind the back
  • Crossover
  • In and out crossovers
  • 2 ball stationary dribbling
  • Figure 8
  • Throwing and catching ball between legs 
  • Wall pounds 
  • Finals words 


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