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Maximize your game in and around the basket with this footwork and ball placement instructional

  • Get tips from premier NBA skills trainer Irv Roland who has helped develop multiple All-Stars
  • No matter your skill level, these drills and techniques will benefit your game

Finishing At The Rim by Irv Roland

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Build A Complete Finishing Game With Premier NBA Skills Trainer Irv Roland - The Man James Harden Calls His Secret Weapon

Finish Around The Basket Like A Pro

With These Effective Basketball Skills

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What Will You Learn?

Irv Roland has trained some of the biggest names in basketball including James Harden, Chris Paul, Devin Booker and Trae Young. Now, it’s your turn.

Learn how to properly take off, how to land, and how to lay the ball in perfectly every time with these simple but effective drills. These key details can make a huge difference in your game, with NBA skills trainer Irv Roland’s help.

The layup seems like the easiest shot in basketball but Coach Roland shows you just how much technique and training goes into mastering it. Find success from all angles and score way more often around the rim using these important lessons.

Workouts like the Mikan Drill and Same Foot Drills are the same workouts that NBA stars use. Use the exact kind of drills and expertise that took professional players to the next level!

So, What Exactly Do You Get?

  • Mikan Drills
  • Underhand layups
  • Overhand Layups 
  • Reverse 
  • Wide Layups 
  • Spin 
  • Same foot layup 
  • Same foot reverse 
  • 2 foot floater 
  • 1 foot floater 
  • Same foot floater  

One Foot Floater

So, What Does It Cost?