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Learn the same techniques that took James Harden from college standout to Most Valuable Player with his private coach Irv Roland

  • Dominate in 1 on 1 matchups by learning how to create more separation
  • Score more often with the same moves that premier NBA talent like James Harden, Trae Young, Chris Paul and more have learned from Coach Roland

Efficient Isolation Drills by Irv Roland

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Mastering Efficient Isolation Scoring With NBA Trainer Irv Roland

How To Break Down Your Defender 1-on-1

With These Elite Basketball Moves

What You'll Learn

Isolation scoring is one of the key facets of basketball offense and now you can dribble, pivot, jump and shoot your way to becoming a better offensive basketball player.

Learn some of Irv Roland’s signature moves like the Jab Jumper, Dribble Side Step and the Dribble Pull Through, the same ones he taught to his star pupils like James Harden. Use these moves to become a way more dynamic player, increase your scoring, and understand the game better.

Ankle-breaking moves like the Rocker Cross Stepback and the Hang Dribble are now at your disposal. These are techniques that work at the highest levels of basketball, and now you can learn them from the same man who has coached NBA MVPs, Irv Roland.

These drills will benefit players of all skill levels and will take your game to brand new heights. You don’t need to be faster, taller, or stronger to use these isolation skills for basketball success.

So, What Exactly Do You Get?

  • Intro 
  • Jab Jumper 
  • 1 Dribble Pull Up 
  • 1 Dribble Side Step 
  • Dribble Pull Thru 
  • Cross Jabs
  • Rocker 
  • Rocker Cross 
  • Rocker Cross Step Back 
  • Hang Dribble

So, What Does It Cost?