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Attack and defend the post, and learn how to dominate one of the most important scoring positions in basketball

  • Use these techniques to back down defenders and score effectively from the post, using moves like jump hooks and quick jabs.
  • Eat up space and become a tough post defender with these tips from NBA G-League standout Tyler Harris
  • Work from both sides of the ball with these fundamentals, so you can be a two-way technical threat

Complete Guide To Defending And Scoring From The Post by Tyler Harris

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Own The Post On Both Sides Of The Ball With These Effective Techniques

Learn How To Score and Defend In The Trenches With These Keys To Victory

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What You'll Learn

Score every time you hit the post and defend even against stubborn opponents with this complete guide to both sides of the ball. NBA G-League talent Tyler Harris takes you through all you need to know to systematically build these skills for impressive two-way post work.

Eat up space on defense with these defensive fundamentals for creating problems for your next opponents. Learn how to block and follow the ball, how to use your body for the most efficient defense possible, and how to improve your technique (with no special athleticism needed).

Make the post one of your strongest options with these tricky and effective moves for advancing and shooting. Post up with jump hooks and some of Tyler Harris’s favorite scoring combinations, including ways to read and trick defenders for easier points than ever.

From the mid post, get yourself into scoring range with these important lessons in establishing a pivot and using a quick jab. With these complete skills, you’ll be able to score and execute from the post with more confidence than ever.

So, What Exactly Do You Get?

PART 1: Guarding The Post

  • Introduction To Post Defense
  • Three Quarter Defense 
  • Fronting The Post
  • Fronting The Post Drill
  • Eating Up The Space - Part 1 
  • Eating Up The Space - Part 2 
  • Following The Ball 

PART 2: Post Up Moves

  • Jump Hook Warmup Shooting Drill
  • Jump Hook Technique Against A Defender 
  • 2 Dribble, Hesi, Go 
  • 2 Dribble, Spin, Go
  • 2 Dribble, Shimmy, Go
  • 2 Dribble, Shimmy, Pump Fake, Go 

PART 3: Mid Post Moves 

  • Establish Pivot Foot 
  • Quick Jab Combinations - Part 1 
  • Quick Jab Combinations - Part 2 
  • Mid Post Transition Back To Post 
  • Putting It All Together 
  • Post Shooting Drill 
  • Outro

So, What Does It All Cost?