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Learn the same NBA-level drills that Kendrick Perkins used to become a 16-year NBA veteran, a world champion, and a difference-making big man for every team he played for

  • Perk pulls back the curtain on offense and defense to demonstrate these important center skills so you can use your bigs effectively up and down the court
  • Kendrick Perkins is an NBA champion center with the Boston Celtics, and now a sought after NBA analyst with ESPN due to his encyclopedic knowledge of the game
  • He’ll show modified ways to move, score, defend, and more, all built to maximize the potential of bigger players

Big Man Master Plan by Kendrick Perkins

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Put Size To Good Use On The Court With NBA Champion Kendrick Perkins’s Big Man-Specific Skills

Defend All Over The Court As A Dynamic Big Man, With Kendrick Perkins’s Guide For Slowing Down and Beating Elite Scorers

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What Will You Learn?

Join 16-year veteran, NBA Champion, and NBA Analyst Kendrick Perkins as he shows you how the skills, gameplans, and more needed to get the most out of your size on the court and maximize your center’s potential. With these modified offensive and defensive blueprints, you will be able to build centers and big players that can actually move and play on the court, setting them apart from the rest.

As a player, Kendrick Perkins was a standout center, helping his team to the playoffs nine times and winning an NBA championship in 2008 for the Boston Celtics. Instead of being just another big guy on the court, Perkins knows the technique and strategy to score, defend, and make his height and length a huge problem for the other team.

You can learn all these important techniques on his new series, as Kendrick explains everything you need to know to really be a factor on the court. Change up your movement to get the most out of your action and make every step count, with these mobility options like the euro step, swing, step, misdirection step, and more.

Shut down offenses and first options on the high pick and roll. Use your strong side and weak side effectively to wall people out. Big men have different options for defending, and now you can use that potential to the fullest with these techniques on how to make your presence felt in any exchange.

High Pick n Roll Show Defense

So, What Exactly Do You Get?

  • Intro 
  • Hot Box Closeouts 
  • Weakside Help
  • High Pick n Roll Basic Defense 
  • High Pick n Roll Show Defense 
  • High Pick n Roll Switching 
  • Side Pick n Roll Ice Defense 
  • Euro Step 
  • Swing Step 
  • Misdirection Step 
  • Pick n Roll Options
  • Baseline floater 
  • Attacking Ice Defense
  • Snake Pick n Roll 

Swing Step

So, What Does It All Cost?