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Frustrate defenses and become a dynamic scoring threat with these plans for scoring from all three levels on the court

  • Basil Evelyn is a Chicago-based expert coach who has helped such players as Draymond Green, Joakim Noah, and Wilson Chandler.
  • Use unorthodox but effective drills for ball handling, form shooting, getting open, and more
  • Basil is one of the most respected skill development coaches in basketball, and now is your chance to learn from him

Becoming a Three Level Scorer by Basil Evelyn

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Become A Defender’s Nightmare With These Techniques To Score At All Three Levels From NBA Trainer Basil Evelyn

Shoot With Confidence From Long-Range, Mid-Range, and at the Rim For Dynamic Scoring Threats From Everywhere

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What Will You Learn?

Get the right technique to become a dynamic scoring threat from all three levels of the court, as skill specialist Basil Evelyn shows you how anyone can become a technical range shooter. Use these techniques and drills to build up your shooting from long-range, mid-range, and the hoop to create a game that defenders will hate you for.

Find a smooth shot with Basil Evelyn’s tips for creating that touch on the ball to sink it from any of the ranges you are going to be attacking, using these jump shots and form shooting breakdowns. Get open, create opportunities to score, and do it from all over the court with Basil’s help.

Basil Evelyn is a Chicago basketball skill development coach who has worked with NBA talent for over a decade, helping them become a 3-level threat at the elite levels. He’s worked with NBA players like Draymond Green, Joakim Noah, and Wilson Chandler, and he can give you the same coaching and insights he gave them.

You don’t need to be tall, quick, or strong to make yourself a skilled and technical scorer, and the fastest way to do that is to have scoring options at all three levels of the game. Manage midrange with catch and release plays, fall back and float in shots from long range for 3, and attack the post with these proven drives and counters.


So, What Exactly Do You Get?

  • Introduction 
  • Getting Open 
  • Form Shooting 
  • Ball Handling Drills 
  • Catch And Shoot Drills Midrange 
  • Floaters 
  • Mid Range 
  • The "Positionless Game" Post Play 
  • High Post
  • Finishes
  • Summary 

Catch and Shoot Drills Midrange

 So, What Does It Cost?