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Become a fluid and technical form shooter with Terry Harris’s guide for precision scoring

  • Score from all over the court with these skills and drills, including his three-phase shot development system and series of focused drills
  • Terry Harris is a current NBA G-League player who was known at Eastern Michigan as one of the most dangerous and accurate 3-point shooters in the country
  • Use these variations on target practice drills, backboard drills, and more to increase your shooting percentage from everywhere on the court

Basic Shooting Techniques And Drills by Terry Harris

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Get The Magic Shooting Touch And Learn How To Score With Precision Form Technique

Use These Skills And Fundamentals To Develop Your Shooting Ability From Anywhere On The Court With NBA G-league Talent Terry Harris

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What You'll Learn

Become the most technical shooter on the court with Terry Harris’s guide to becoming a dangerous precision scorer from anywhere on the court. Use his three-step form building process to create an effortless and refined shooting motion, and then see all of the drills you can use to become a reliable and confident shooter.

Terry Harris used these same drills at the NCAA Division-1 Level, where he had an impressive three-point accuracy of 40%, and established himself as a dangerous shooter from around the court. Now you can learn these exact same drills, that you can do with a team, partner, or alone.

Build your shot from the ground up with these step-by-step mechanics on how to really shoot for success. With this three-phase formula that Terry explains, anyone can be shooting with maximum technique and accuracy, no matter how tall or fast they are. Combine these tips on form shooting, full form, and the shot to create a finely tuned scoring shot.

Use these focused strategies to build the competency you need to score with confidence and consistency. No matter how athletic you are, use these lessons like how to activate your legs, the secret behind backboard shooting, and proper jump shot mechanics to let your game do the talking. Pick up this series today and start putting yourself into position for success, by focusing on how to shoot with the most dynamic technique possible.

So, What Exactly Do You Get?

  • Intro 
  • Proper Jump Shot Hand Placement - Part 1 
  • Proper Jump Shot Hand Placement - Part 2 
  • PART 1: Form Shooting Basics - Introduction To Form Shooting 
  • PHASE 1: 1 Handed Form Shooting 
  • PHASE 1: 1 Handed Form Shooting With The Guide Hand 
  • PHASE 2: Full Form 
  • PHASE 3: The Shot 
  • PART 2: Form Shooting Drills - Burnout Drill 
  • Muscle Memory Drill 
  • Target Practice Drill #1 
  • Target Practice Drill #2 
  • Scale Shooting Drill 
  • Leg Activation Drill
  • Pogo Shooting Drill 
  • Rainbow Shooting Drill 
  • Under The Basket Shooting Drill 
  • Backboard Shooting Drill #1
  • Backboard Shooting Drill #2 
  • Dribble Form Shot Drill 
  • Outro 

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