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Build your team’s offense into an effective and dynamic threat by properly utilizing a post threat, with Head Coach of the Kent State University men’s basketball team Rob Senderoff

  • Use the post to your advantage with these plays and strategies to maximize your strengths on offense
  • Work the ball inside and set up high percentage shots or use these plays to set your team up for open shots on the outside
  • Use these plays and drills for rapid player development, built around a proven winning game plan
  • Coach Senderoff is the head coach at Kent St. University and his offensive formula can help teams of any level

Building Your Offense Around a True Post Threat by Rob Senderoff

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Learn How To Still Utilize A Dominant Post Presence In the Modern Basketball Era With Kent St. Head Coach Rob Senderoff!


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What You'll Learn!

Use a real presence in the post to its maximum effect with this offensive blueprint from the head coach of the men’s basketball team at Kent St. University, Coach Rob Senderoff. Coach Senderoff shows you plays, techniques, and strategies for high percentage offensive basketball.

Controlling the post is one of the most important concepts for effective offense, and Coach Senderoff coaches you through everything your team needs for success. Get the ball inside and work for high percentage shots, or find open players on the outside with these specially designed cuts, screens, and more.

Coach Senderoff shows you plays that your team can use for real success, with concepts and fundamentals broken down for you to use for your improvement. Your team can see all of the best ways to create high percentage offense using the post position to your advantage on this new instructional series.