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Learn from Villanova legend and current NBA point guard Ryan Arcidiacono as he shows you the ins and outs of PG success

  • Use a ball screen to your advantage each and every time no matter what your defender does
  • Use the pick and roll to set up either you or your teammates with precision and ease
  • Learn how to set up a pin down screen that’ll set your teammates up for open shots

The Point Guard Encyclopedia by Ryan Arcidiacono

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Ryan Arcidiacono’s Point Guard Encyclopedia

Become The Ultimate Teammate With These Simple But Effective Drills That Not Only Help Your Game But Your Teammates’ Game Too!

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What You'll Learn

Ryan Arcidiacono is a college legend and made the transition to NBA success not just by being a great player himself, but by being a great team player. His pick and rolls drills will lead to an open shot for either you or your teammate each and every time.

When it comes to being a point guard, you need to play smarter and orchestrate your teammates on the court. Along with the pick and roll, the pin down screen is a point guard’s dream as it gives you the choice to pass it to not just the man coming off the screen but the screener as well.

When making a pass, ball placement is key and could be the difference between an assist or a turnover. Know exactly where to put the ball so only your teammate can get it and make a play.

Don’t just rely on your hands and eyes to make perfect passes, use your footwork and your dribbling to set plays up too. Catching the ball in the correct position gives you a leg up on your defender and will allow you more opportunity to make a play

So, What Do You Get?

PART 1 - Reading Ball Screens:

  • "Only Use It If You Can't Refuse It" 
  • Ball Screen - Shoulder To Hip
  • Ball Screen - Hedge 
  • Ball Screen - Blitz 
  • Ball Screen - Drop
  • Ball Screen - Pick & Pop / Pick & Roll 
  • Reviewing Ball Screen Progression

PART 2 - Reading Pin Down Screens:

  • Intro To Pin Down Screens 
  • Pin Down Screen - Tight Curl 
  • Pin Down Screen - Out Cut 
  • Pin Down Screen - Back Cut
  • Pin Down Screen - Slip 
  • Reviewing Pin Down Screens 

PART 3 - Feeding The Post And Cutting Off It:

  • Feeding The Post Fundamentals 
  • Cutting - "Jet Cut", "Speed Cut", Split Game 
  • Reviewing The Post And Cutting 

PART 4 - Guards Posting:

  • Intro To Guards Posting 
  • Catch Position Details 
  • The Catch And Feeling The Defender 
  • Dribble With A Purpose 
  • Reviewing Guards Posting
  • Interview
  • Final Words

So, What Does It All Cost?