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Learn To Master The Low Post With 15-Year NBA Veteran Grant Long – You Want These Secrets That Only A Crafty Veteran Can Provide

  • Offense, Defense and Rebounding… he covers it all
  • Sleek offensive combinations that will get you a bucket or to the free throw line regardless of how your opponent is playing you
  • Grant covers every defensive scenario possible, so you’ll be ready for whatever the opposition throws at you
  • An entire segment dedicated to the screen and roll: how to utilize all possibilities on the offensive end as well as multiple ways to defend it

The Low Post Blue Print by Grant Long

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Are You Finally Ready To Dominate In The Post?

Wily NBA Veteran Grant Long Shows You The Way

What You’ll Learn:

Grant Long has seen it all and was never given anything in his career.  Initially a 2nd round draft pick by the expansion Miami Heat, Grant worked his way to a 15 yr. NBA career: appearing in over 1000 games and starting in over 650.  

You don’t last in the league that long without knowing a thing or two about a thing or two. How did someone who wasn’t the tallest guy out there (Grant stood 6’9” in a world full of 7-footers), or a traditional knockdown shooter – how did he not just survive, but thrive, in the greatest basketball league in the world for so long? He was a career double-digit scorer, but was better known for his tenacious defense and aggressive rebounding. Grant peels back the curtain in his first ever instructional video to show you every trick he learned over that long career – on the offensive and defensive end.

So What Is On This Series?

You’ll start off by learning the intricacies of playing offensively with your back to the basket.  While the game has moved to pace and space, every team still utilizes posting someone up on the low block.  Grant gives you effective, quick-hitting moves (you can’t hold the ball waiting for a double team to develop) as well as second options if your first choice is denied.

Conversely you’ll also learn how to defend in the post.  Again, for both bigs and especially for little guys (what team doesn’t like to attack a size mismatch on the block?) you have to know what to do down there if a team is trying to go at you.  More than half the battle can be won BEFORE your opponent every gets the ball – find out how!

We all know how much offense is initiated through the pick-and-roll these days.  That’s why Grant dedicates a special section to the P’n’R. First, you’ll learn multiple ways to defend it and then we’ll switch sides and teach you multiple weighs to make this weapon almost unstoppable. 

And we can’t forget rebounding.  What good is getting a stop if you don’t finish the possession?? Learn the intricacies of position (both strong and weak side) and boxing out.

  So What Exactly Do You Get?

Establishing position in the post

  • Back-to-the-basket offensive move #1 - Footwork
  • Back-to-the-basket offensive move #2 - Footwork 
  • Inside Pivot #1
  • Inside Pivot #2 
  • Inside Pivot #3 

Establishing your position based on the Defense

  • How to Combat 3/4 Defense 
  • Throw to corner of the backboard 
  • Live drill session combining all offensive elements 
  • Transition Defense principle
  • Screen -and-Roll Defense 
  • Screen and Roll Offense 
  • Screen and Roll offense in the scoring area 
  • Half Court Defense
  • on the low block: proactive vs. reactive 

Team Defense 

  • Defense vs. the High post 
  • Live drill session combining Defensive elements 
  • Defense off Low Post
  • Live drill session combining Defensive elements 2 
  • Boxing Out 
  • Strong side and weak side

So What Does It Cost?