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Learn NBA-caliber defensive techniques from Tony Allen - the man both Kobe Bryant AND Kevin Durant called the toughest defender they ever faced.

  • Teach your players the same strategies Tony Allen used to become a 6-Time member of the NBA All-Defensive Team and 3-Time member of the NBA All-Defensive First Team
  • Learn how to avoid getting screened - every time - and how to defend some of basketball’s most common plays and situations with these lessons
  • Get everyone on your team to become a difference-maker defensively utilizing skills honed over a 15 year NBA career spent guarding the league’s top scorers: Kobe Bryant, KD, Lebron James, Carmelo Anthony, D Wade and more - TA covered them all!

The Grit'N'Grind Approach To Elite Defense by Tony Allen

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Grind Down Elite Scorers And Make Shooters Uncomfortable As Tony Allen Pulls Back The Curtain With Defensive Strategies That Have Never Been Taught On Film Before

6-Time NBA All-Defensive Team Member Tony Allen Will Show You How To Teach Your Players To Never Get Screened Again

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What Will You Learn?

In an interview with SLAM, the great Kobe Bryant was asked who the toughest defender he ever played against was. His answer? “That’s easy. Tony Allen.” On ESPN’s The Jump, when asked the same question Kevin Durant responded, “Tony Allen is by far the toughest defender I’ve ever played against.”


Often praised for his technique, work ethic, and willingness to do the hard work against the best players, Tony Allen brings special skills to the game that he wants to share with you on his new instructional series.

As TA says on film, “I don’t get screened.” How? Using a never-before seen technique that he picked up after hours of film watching from his matchups with some of the best scorers the league has ever seen: Kobe, KD, D Wade, Lebron, ‘Melo - you know everyone of these guys by their nicknames, no full name needed.

There’s the physical aspect to defense, the intellectual aspect honed watching film and there’s also the mental toughness aspect. Bryant continued by saying he will always choose Allen as his top defender because no matter what, he always stayed physical. Bryant added that he “Could score 10 points in a row and Tony Allen wouldn’t even blink. He would just keep defending. He’s fundamentally sound defensively and he plays harder than everybody else defensively. He has a competitive desire to compete individually. That’s very uncommon. Most defensive players I face want help all the time. I’ve never heard him ask for help. He likes taking the challenge.”

This is your chance to learn from one of the best defenders ever, as Tony Allen walks you through the lessons and techniques that your players need to become effective and reliable defenders. No matter their experience or athleticism, you can build defensive skills using these strategies and gameplans for success.

Tony teaches you the same fundamentals that he used to become a 6-time NBA All-Defensive Team player (three times First Team), and how you can build them together to become an all-around shutdown defender. Avoid screens, properly meet scorers and force them where you want them, and make your man take shots he will regret using these key details.

Use the concepts on this series to systematically manage the game defensively, as Tony shows you what to do against common problems and plays on the court. Know when help is needed, what you can (and should) manage yourself, and how to be a defensive leader. Work against Floppy (“America’s Play") and defend plays designed for top scorers by shutting down their options.

Finally, listen to Tony Allen himself as he gives you insights that only a seasoned pro can give, as he gives an interview about how what he learned along the way and what you can benefit from on this series. This is packed with lots of details that will bring together this series into one comprehensive guide to being the annoying and gritty defender that teams hate to play against.

What Happens With A Second Screen

So, What Exactly Do You Get?

  • Isolation D on an elite scorer 
  • Uncomfortable Conversation
  • Screen Down for Guard
  • Head Fakes > Contest > Box out 
  • Cross Screen in the Post w/Big Man Help
  • Pick'n'Roll
  • What Happens with a 2nd screen? 
  • Blue 
  • 4 on 4 Live 
  • Shoot the Gap vs. Chase 
  • How to defend Floppy "America's Play"
  • How to avoid getting screened 
  • Defending Elite Scorers 
  • Floppy 2 - how to defend plays designed specifically for the other team's top scorer 
  • Tony Allen Interview 

Defending Elite Scorers

So, What Does It All Cost?