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Former Purdue superstar and current Boston Celtic Carsen Edwards shares his tips on how to be a complete point guard

  • Operate the pick and roll to perfection with specific drills
  • How to operate an offense with the ball in your hands
  • Pull up like a pro with these tips

Perfect Play Making by Carsen Edwards and Irv Roland

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Perfect Playmaking: The Complete Point Guard Workout with Carsen Edwards

Go from point guard to point God with this workout by upgrading your ball handling, passing, shooting and even off-ball movement.

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What Will You Learn?

In the modern day game, guards rule on the basketball court. In this video, former Purdue and current Celtics player Carsen Edwards’ - with help from Irv Roland, personal trainer to NBA stars like James Harden - demonstrates what goes into being one of the best in the world and how to train just like them.

The pick and roll is a play that is utilized in every offense and Carsen walks you through exactly how to manage it. Learn how to work around a screen and use your teammates to create offense.

These drills will make both you and your teammates better as you can learn exactly how to put them in the best position to succeed on the court. No matter your physical traits, these techniques are guaranteed to improve your PG skills..

Get this series now and Carsen Edwards will walk you through the all-around tools and skills that a point guard needs whether it’s ball handling, passing, shooting and more.

Euro Same Hand Same Foot

So, What Exactly Do You Get?

  • Ball Handling - Partner Passing 
  • Drive - Kicks 
  • Pick n' Roll Passing
  • Overload Drill 
  • Veer Finish
  • Inside Hand 
  • Euro 
  • Euro same hand same foot 
  • Euro Floater 
  • Euro same hand same foot floater
  • Mid Range Pull Ups 
  • Pull Up 3s 
  • Snake Pick n' Roll 
  • Catch and Shoot 3s 
  • Isolation Move for 3 Sidestep 
  • Interview 

Carsen Edwards Interview

So, What Exactly Does It Cost?