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Sean Higgins is an NBA veteran and NCAA Champion who has played and trained all over the world

  • Coach Higgins is also the current USA Director of Nine Star Basketball Camps, where he develops elite youth athletes with technical, thorough coaching.
  • Forget about having your players trying to memorize 20 different sets. Instead emphasize spacing and ball movement concepts, as NBA veteran and elite player development coach Sean Higgins shows you how to have an effective offense that gets you a good look every time down the floor.
  • Use a power offensive set, against both man and zone defense with great results.
  • Emphasize quick hitters and floor spacing to get quality looks vs. both man and zone.

Fundamental Guide To Offensive Concepts by Sean Higgins

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Open Up Your Offense With Spacing And Movement-Based Strategies From NBA Veteran and Elite Player Development Coach Sean Higgins

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What Will You Learn?

Create a more dynamic and effective offense with these keys to movement and floor spacing from Coach Sean Higgins. Listen we’ve all been there: you put in a few offensive sets at the beginning of the season, a few more as the year progresses, more as you get close to tournament time and when you call them out half your players are going to the wrong spots.

With Coach Higgins’ teachings on floor spacing and ball movement (with an emphasis on quick hitters) your players will be less robotic and you’ll find your team getting quality looks just about every time down the floor. Get your players open and space out defenders to find the best matchups.

Coach Sean Higgins takes you through all of the offensive fundamentals you need for this style of play, taken from his years as an NCAA Champion, playing professionally in the NBA and coaching elite players as the director of Nine Star Basketball Camp. Now you can receive high-class instruction from Coach Sean, who can help you maximize your team’s potential.

Attack from the side lines, utilize power offensive sets, and more as Coach Higgins takes you through his highly effective and proven concepts. Learn how to create opportunities against man and zone defenses, so your team can keep rolling against any defensive scheme.


So, What's In This Series?


  • Out Of Bounds Side Line vs Man
  • Out Of Bounds Side Line vs Zone
  • Out Of Bounds Under vs Man
  • Out Of Bounds Under vs Zone
  • Out Of Bounds Timing
  • Two Guard Front X Set vs Man
  • Quick Hitters Off Of X Set vs Man
  • Power Offensive Set
  • Power Offensive Set vs Man
  • Power Offensive Set vs Zone
  • Outro
  • So, What Does It All Cost?