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Marcus Liberty, Director of Liberty Edge Basketball in Sarasota, FL and NBA veteran, shows you how to be a dynamic scorer with some of basketball’s most effective fast break plays

  • Learn the important fundamentals behind successful fast breaks with everything broken down step-by-step by coach Marcus.
  • Get the ball and create opportunities to score with motion and flex offense that coach Marcus learned in the NBA.
  • Work from underneath out of bounds against man or zone defenses and find great scoring options for both.

Fast Break Offense and Half Court Sets by Marcus Liberty

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Master The Keys to Effective Basketball Offense Utilizing Fast Breaks and Half Court Sets with Director of Liberty Edge Basketball & NBA Veteran Marcus Liberty

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What Will You Learn?

Get out and run, and put points on the board before the defense has a chance to react with this dynamic instructional from NBA veteran and coach Marcus Liberty. Coach Liberty shows you how to design an offense that can take advantage of fast breaks and create easy opportunities to score.

Use some of the same plays that coach Marcus used in the NBA, as he shows the fundamentals that any team needs for success. Use fast break cycles and transition early offense into points with these important but often overlooked lessons.

Work from underneath out of bounds, against man or zone defense, and side out of bounds with some of Coach Marcus’s most valuable basketball insights. With these plays designed for fast break success, soon you can be using motion and flex offense to find more clean scoring opportunities and put up more points than ever.


So, What's In This Series?


  • Fast Break Cycle
  • Transition Early Offense
  • Underneath Out Of Bounds vs Man
  • Underneath Out Of Bounds vs 2-3 Zone
  • Side Out Of Bounds vs Man
  • Zone Defense vs 2-3 Zone
  • Motion Offense vs 2-3 Zone
  • Motion Offense And Flex Offense
  • Q&A
  • So, What Does It All Cost?