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Learn better footwork, dribbling, shooting, and more, as Coach Sean Higgins gives you a roadmap for offensive success that your players can implement right away.

  • Sean Higgins shows you the offensive fundamentals and mechanics that every player needs to take themselves to the next level
  • Sean Higgins is an NCAA National Champion, NBA veteran, and former pro coach who is sharing his knowledge on building offensive firepower
  • Use these team and individual drills to make these important lessons stick, and improve the technique of any player (no height or athleticism needed)

Developing Shooting Mechanics and Offensive Skills by Sean Higgins

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Build A Total Offensive Basketball Arsenal With These Team & Individual Workouts From NBA Veteran & Coach Sean Higgins

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What Will You Learn?

Join coach Sean Higgins, former NBA pro and NCAA Champion, as he teaches some of the most important fundamentals in offensive basketball with a workout designed to help players of any skill level improve. With detailed lessons in shooting, footwork, dribbling, and more, Coach Higgins helps unlock the keys to better offense and higher scoring.

Sean Higgins is a veteran NBA player and NCAA National Champion, who now coaches and runs the Nine Star Basketball Camp where he’s become one of the top instructors in the country. Now is your chance to benefit from his experience and expertise, as he shares the keys to offensive technique that every player needs for success.

Learn proper footwork and move with confidence using these movement and dribbling drills. Pay attention to the finer points as Coach Higgins breaks down each lesson in a way that any coach or player can absorb and put in action.

Get proper technique behind your jump shots, jab steps, bank shots and more, as Coach Higgins gives you workouts designed to hone skills for any player. Use drills like the pond dribble, rapid fire, cone drills, and more, to put the technique in action as Sean helps give you a roadmap for success.

Foot Alignment Shooting

So, What Exactly Do You Get?


  • Intro 
  • Jab Step Intro 
  • Paw The Jab Step 
  • Ripping The BBall 
  • Proper alignment receiving ball 
  • Jabsteps With Both Feet 
  • Pivots Into the Short Jab Step 
  • Rocker Step Move Intro 
  • Attacking Closeouts 
  • Feeling the Defender 
  • Crab Dribble Intro
  • Crab Dribble 
  • Jumpshot Tutorial 
  • Hand Placement On Ball 
  • Rotation On Your Shot
  • Foot Alignment Shooting 
  • Shooting And Follow Thru 
  • Shooting Follow Thru
  • Shooting Drill in Cones 
  • Windshield Wiper Intro
  • Windshield Wipers 
  • Rapid Fire Drill Intro 
  • Rapid Fire Drill 
  • Pond Dribble Drill 
  • Jab Step 1 Dribble Pullups 
  • Jumpers Pound Dribbles 
  • Attacking off the Bounce
  • Bankshot Intro
  • Reverse Pivots into Bankshot 
  • Front and Reverse Mikans 
  • Baseline Stepbacks 

Pivots Into The Short Jab Step

So, What Does It All Cost?