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Learn how to create a winning defensive mentality in your players with UNLV Men’s Basketball Head Coach TJ Otzelberger

  • See what it takes to be an elite defender at the Division 1 level and beyond with these strategies and techniques
  • Use effective drills that help pinpoint specific defensive skills and get them as sharp as possible.
  • Work from the ground up, with basics like defensive stance and communication, all the way through to advanced techniques and drills.
  • Have your entire team working on their development with close out drills, alley drills, zig zags, and more.
  • These are some of the same workouts that Coach Oztelberger puts his team through so they can compete against the nation’s best.
  • See live examples of these drills, with clear explanation and coaching on how these are helping your team build better defensive habits.
  • This is your chance to learn one of the most important parts of basketball from a Division 1 Head Coach.

Defensive Player Development Drill & Concepts by TJ Otzelberger

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Maximize Each Player’s Potential and Create Rock-Solid Defensive Habits With UNLV Men’s Basketball Head Coach TJ Otzelberger’s Drills For Player Development

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What Will You Learn?

Create a strong and skilled defensive team that can shut down dynamic offenses, as UNLV Men’s Basketball Coach TJ Otzelberger shows you how to develop players with creative and useful drills. Learn what some of the best coaches in the country are teaching at the Division 1 level, as Coach Otzelberger takes you through this comprehensive defensive masterclass.

With specific drills, you can pinpoint some of the most important defensive abilities in basketball and level them up with Coach Otzelberger’s technical advice. Use drills like the alley drill, short and long closeouts, balling up, and much more... to figure out the finer points to having a rock solid defense on the court.

The key to coaching is developing your athletes, and these workouts from Coach Otzelberger will help you do just that for players of all ages and skill levels. Learn from this Division 1 Head Coach as he explains some of basketball’s most important lessons that bring real results.


So, What's In This Series?

  • Introduction
  • What It Takes To Be A Good Defender
  • Defensive Stance
  • Defensive Commands And Communication
  • Ball Up Series
  • Zig Zag
  • Alley Drill
  • Short Close Out Drill
  • Long Close Out Drill
  • Close Out And Guard The Dribble
  • Gap Help Defense
  • Help Side Defense
  • Help The Helper
  • Pick And Roll Defense

  • Ball Up Live
  • Zig Zag Live
  • Alley Drill Live
  • Short Close Out Live
  • Long Close Out Live
  • Close Out And Guard The Dribble
  • Gap Help Live
  • Help Side Live
  • Help The Helper Live
  • Pick And Roll Live
  • Conclusion
  • So, What Does It All Cost?