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Build your team’s skills with these fun, dynamic partner drills from coach Irv Roland

  • Coach Roland has helped train elite NBA talent like James Harden, Trae Young, and Chris Paul.
  • Build up your footwork, shooting, ball handling, and more with drills that are specifically targeted for results on the court
  • Keep practice fun but challenging with drills that emphasize the fundamentals of the game in an easy-to-understand way

Creative Basketball Workouts by Irv Roland

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Use Coach Irv Roland’s Creative Basketball Workouts To Get The Most Out Of Your Next Practice

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What Will You Learn?

Coach Irv Roland is back with Effective Basketball to bring you a new series of partner drills that you can use to improve your team’s skills, make practices more fun, and stay in shape in the off-season. Coach Roland has trained some of the best players in the NBA, including James Harden, Trae Young, and Chris Paul, and he has created a series of workouts that can help your players too.

Build up the winning fundamentals of the game with workouts that help you learn better dribbling, shooting, and ball-handling skills. Use drills like shoot chase, follow the leader, and coach Roland’s specific passing drills to sharpen up the important basics of the game, no matter what skill level you are at.

Even if you can’t get to a gym, you can use these workouts to stay in shape and keep your edge. All you need is a partner, a basketball or two, and somewhere to shoot and it’s an opportunity to get better.

Get more out of each practice as you specifically target the right fundamentals with these drills, and learn the right technique to succeed. Use some of coach Roland’s favorite exercises like the pick n pop, same move, and push up planks to get in a great workout.

Push Up Planks

So, What Exactly Is On This Series?

  • Introduction 
  • Pounds with Resistance 
  • Partner Push
  • Partner Passing 
  • Stationary Handle 
  • Push Up Planks 
  • Shoot Chase
  • Close Out Drills 
  • Follow the Leader 
  • Same Move 
  • Drive n Kick 
  • Pick n Roll Corner 
  • Pick n Pop 
  • Finishing with Contact 
  • Closeouts and Slides 
  • Outro 

Pounds With Resistance

So, What Does It All Cost?