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Perfect Your Shots With Basil Evelyn

Perfect Your Shots With Basil Evelyn

 Basil Evelyn is one of the most sought after basketball skills development coaches out there today.  After earning an Exercise Physiology degree from Chicago State, this former NCAA Division 1 basketball player spent his initial post-college time working for Bally Total Fitness.

As a trainer, he quickly became one of the most popular and sought after in a matter of months.  Basil Evelyn would eventually be invited by local Chicago media to do a series of fitness segments for New Years resolution stories.


With this foundation and the desire to work with professional athletes, he founded Elite Sports.  The focus of Elite Sports is on skill development as well as strength and conditioning.  Since then he has worked with a number of athletes striving to get an opportunity to play in the NBA and also worked with a a number of former NBA players who are striving to make their way back to the league.

Basil Evelyn has joined forces with EffectiveBasketball.com to bring athletes and coaches a resource that will help them develop the skills to improve their shooting from multiple ranges.  From long-range, mid-range, and under the hoop, Basil Evelyn has you covered with all of the drills and skill development exercises to help you improve.

Check out this Catch and Shoot Drill video excerpt from the series and we'll break it down aftewards.


 Catch and Shoot Drill

Catch and shoot drills are used to help simulate the energy and pace of a live game to some degree.  The importance of being able to secure the ball and put up a fundamentally sound shot under pressure is a highly coveted skill at all levels of basketball.

For Basil Evelyn, proper form no matter what is essential to ensuring that the player has the best chance of scoring.  This requires bent knees, lots of arc and following through on the shots, even when fatigued.

Don't Get Lazy With The Shots

At one point of the video, Basil Evelyn pauses the action to correct a player who he described as "getting lazy" and pushing through with his shot instead of ensuring that it had proper arc.  One of the exercises Basil uses to improve this is to have the players stand directly under the hoop to instill the idea of proper arc in one's shots. 

Three Pointers

 The drill ends with some three-point work because as Basil Evelyn notes, in order to be successful, ALL players need to be adept at three-point shooting, regardless of position and size.


To get more of Basil Evelyn's 15 years of skill development experience and insight, check out BECOMING A THREE-LEVEL SCORER from EffectiveBasketball.com.  Whether you're looking to improve your long-range, mid-range, or near the hoop shots or all of them--Basil Evelyn has you covered.  He's got the skill development drills that will bring the most out of you and your players if you are a coach.  Get your copy here or at the BUY NOW Link below.