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Level Up Your Ball Handling with Basil Evelyn

Level Up Your Ball Handling with Basil Evelyn

 Long gone are the days when the point guard had to be the only member of the team to have excellent ball handling skills.  In today's game, according to Basil Evelyn everyone needs to be able to handle the ball and handle it effectively.

In the video excerpt below from BECOMING A THREE LEVEL SCORER, veteran NBA player development coach Basil Evelyn breaks down a series of ball-handling exercises meant to sharpen your ball handling skills and build your confidence when you have the ball, regardless of what position you play on the team.

Check it out below!

 A few of the key points that Basil Evelyn talks about in this video should be noted.  First and foremost, he stresses that the players should be dribbling with intensity to make sure that the ball snaps back, as if they're making a pass to themselves.  By drilling with extra intensity, the muscle memory is improved and when it comes to game time, the execution of the skill will more be more likely to be flawless.

The second key point Basil stresses is for the players to keep their heads up.  Over time, being able to perform these skills without looking down at one's hands will help build the confidence that all players regardless of whether they are the point guard or not, the confidence to handle the ball with ease.

Most of the drills shown in this video are great for solo work, but if you're able to have a partner in the gym with you, the last drill where you call out "left or right" to get the player to pass one of the two balls they are dribbling hard and then perform the combination move, these too can be very beneficial as you alternate up and down the court.

By adding these drills into your practice and focusing on the key points outside of the moves that Basil Evelyn emphasized, you will go a long way to making yourself an expert ball handler regardless of your position.  By creating that snap back with increased intensity on your dribbling and by keeping your eyes up, you will both increase the rate of muscle memory development and build the confidence you need to not rely on your eyes to know where the ball is.  This will go a long way to build your confidence in your ball handling ability.

Basil Evelyn has over 15 years of experience as an NBA level player development coach.  He has worked with the likes of Draymond Green, Joakim Noah, and Wilson Chandler.  Now you too, can benefit from his experience by checking out BECOMING A THREE LEVEL SCORER from EffectiveBasketball.com.  You can get your copy here or at the Buy Now Link below.